Quick Home Remedies for Cough & Cold

Here are natural home remedies for the common cough and cold, which you can try for quick relief.

1. Essential Oils

Take 4 – 5 Drops peppermint oil OR eucalyptus oil. Mix together and apply on the chest, neck, and forehead. Consent it for as extended as possible.

2. Garlic

Take 1-2 garlic cloves and 1 tablespoon honey. Press the garlic and drink it along with the honey. Reprise this two times a day.

3. Ginger

Take one ginger piece, a cup of warm water and tablespoon honey. Press the ginger piece and let it marinate in warm water for a little minute. Straining the water, add honey, and mix well. Drink this freshly ready ginger tea.

4. Honey

Simply ingest the honey. Honey can also be added to a glass of hot milk and drink before going to bed.

5. Onion

Peel the onion and cut pieces. Pour enough honey to cover the slices. Leave this overnight in an air-tight bottle in a cool place. Consume 1-2 honey-soaked onion slices in the morning.

6. Yogurt

Take a cup of yogurt with food. Eat 1-2 cups of yogurt in a day.

7. Soup

Apart from tea, you can also have hot soup, broth, and stew to get rid of cold symptoms speedily. You may choose for homemade vegetable soup and chicken soups, for example. Chicken soup has long been used as a home remedy for cough & cold.

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