Haldi Was Only For Brides? Not At All

We’ve all seen the disreputable haldi ceremony throughout Hindu weddings — a minimum of in movies, if not in world. Smearing haldi, or turmeric, on the bride and groom’s skins has historically been thought-about a ‘beautifying’ ritual among Hindus. And despite the fact that the sure turmeric’s role might became diluted currently, because of the myriad beauty treatments, lotions, potions and serums out there to USA for even the slightest blemishes, beauty specialists swear by the ingredient and its skin-healing properties. Why, we’d even go up to now on say that haldi is healthier than Siri, once it involves multitasking for the skin! And no, it isn’t only for the bride. This wedding season, here’s however you’ll be able to use this common room ingredient to allow yourself a glow that is equivalent to the bride’s — at most likely a tenth of the value.

So here are some advantages of turmeric and DIY face masks that may facilitate improve your skin

1. Say Good-Bye To Suntan

Whether it’s the hot summers or temperature reduction winters, some extent of tanning is inevitable in an exceedingly country like Asian country. to urge eliminate the rigid tan that refuses to depart your skin, here’s our tried and tested remedy: take 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder, one tablespoon tomato puree, and one tablespoon food. combine them along and apply this paste to your face and neck. Leave it there for half-hour. Turmeric, along side tomato, made in water-soluble vitamin, not solely exfoliates however conjointly neutralizes all the injury caused by the actinic ray rays, creating your skin healthier and brighter nearly instantly. Since this can be a reasonably acidic pack, ensure you dampen well with a gentle moisturiser or a bodily fluid once laundry it off your skin.

2. Acne? Do Not Sweat It!

We all recognize that pollution and disease of the skin area unit BFFs, and if one is around, the opposite can imitate, sooner or later. Prolonged exposure to contaminated air, with all its harmful, harsh chemicals will flip your skin into a tract for microorganism and viruses, creating your skin escape badly. once disease of the skin starts to form associate look, combine a pair of tablespoons of contemporary Aloe vera gel with a pinch of turmeric and apply it on your face for twenty to half-hour. Turmeric, that acts as associate medicine agent, once combined with succulent vera’s astringent properties, helps take away excess oil and dirt from the skin and eliminate acne-causing microorganism and viruses.

3. Dark Circles? We Have Your Back

With the marriage and party season fully swing, it’s unlikely you are obtaining your requisite eight hours of shut-eye. however do not let the dearth of sleep and a busy schedule are available in your approach skin health. This instruction can work wonders to nourish tired under-eye skin a raise. build a paste with a pair of tablespoons turmeric powder, many drops of juice and a few expressed almond oil. Massage this on to your dark circles and leave it on for ten to twenty minutes. Turmeric’s medicine properties, along side sulfur and many very important vitamins like fat-soluble vitamin, B and C from tomatoes and expressed almond oil, can offer your eyes much-needed nourishment with their fatty acids. we’d suggest you add this treatment to your beauty plan one or two of times anyway — few among USA ever get enough sleep.

4. Facial Hair? We All Know A Trick

Mix some turmeric powder, gram flour, lemon,and food along till you get a thick paste. Apply it on the desired space and sit up for it to dry. Once dry, gently scrub the mask off together with your fingers. Use a humid textile to wipe off the stubborn dry bits. Regular use of this mask can assist you get eliminate unwanted facial hair from its roots, with none teasing or stretching of skin.

5. Have Dehydrated Skin? Don’t Fret

Due to the dearth of wetness within the air, skin will flip dry and flaky within the winters. And dry skin tends to be uneven and sallow. to mend this, combine one tablespoon haldi, one tablespoon gram flour (besan), wood and a few milk cream in an exceedingly bowl. whereas gram flour and oil do their job of exfoliating and removing dead cells, the turmeric and milk cream can dampen and heal your skin, providing you with soft, sleek and glowing skin. we tend to suggest you are trying this pack one or two of times every week for durable results.

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