Deal with Under-Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes

Do you look stressful and exhausted because of your puffy eye bags? The skin around our eyes is very delicate and sensitive and it can easily begin to swell due to several reasons such as extreme physical stress, weather changes, lack of sleep, fatigue and aging etc.

Tip: 1

Use Raw Potato:-

Take a small slice of a raw potato, cut it into two circular pieces and cover your closed eyes with them. Put these potato slices on your eyes in such a way that it can also cover your eye bags After doing this for a few minutes, there will be a noticeable reduction in the puffiness under your eyes. This will also prove effective in curing dark circles too.

Tip: 2

Use Cold Milk:-

Dip 2 cotton pads in ice-cold milk and just place them on closed eyes.a Let it stay for few minutes. It will nourish the skin around your eyes and also make your skin look fresh and young.

Tip: 3

Use Cold Tea Bag:-

When you are rushing to a party and want to freshen up those tired eyes with some quick home remedy, then you can try chilled teabags. Dampen a couple of tea bags in icy water and put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Now place these icy-cold tea bags over your eyelids for about half an hour and rest for a while with cool tea bags. Wash your eyes with chilled water, and pat your skin dry gently. Chilled tea bags do wonders on your eyes and make you look stress-free and revived.

Tip: 4

Use Cucumber Slices:-

Cucumber is yet another great home remedy to reduce puffy bags under eyes. Simply cut 2 circular slices of fresh chilled cucumber and cover your eyes with it for some time. You can also take a short nap or listen to some soothing and relaxing music while those chilled cucumber slices do their job. This not only refreshes your mind but your eyes as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of the cool cucumber eventually help in reducing the puffiness under your eyes.

Tip: 5

Use the Back of a Steel Spoon:-

You can reduce the puffy eye bags using the back of a steel spoon. Place a spoon in cold water for a few seconds. Bring it out and place the back of the spoon on the bags under the eyes for a few minutes. Keep repeating the process for each eye and you will soon see the changes.

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