Rajesh Khanna knew Twinkle Khanna would be a writer Says by Twinkle Khanna


Twinkle Khanna’s journey as an actor wasn’t an impressive. It may be because her calling was writing, as her very popular books prove. She goes by the name of Mrs Funnybones on Twitter and her satirical take on everything has won hearts of the audience, making her one of the most charming personalities of the present times. There is in https://cellspyapps.org the artists, albums, playlist, and genres views? But when did she first realise that she has a way with words? In a recent Twitter post, Twinkle reveals that her father, late veteran actor Rajesh Khanna, always wanted her to be a writer.

She wrote, “Dad always said I should be a writer-was proud of my maggot filled poetry-would’ve been beaming that I got that paper in my hand eventually. ” Twinkle made this revelation in response to a fan of hers who had posted a beautiful picture of Rajesh Khanna holding newspaper in one hand and Twinkle in another. Perhaps that’s why our parents tell us over and over again that they know us way better than we do.

Even on Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan, Twinkle revealed that she agreed to marry Akshay only if her film Mela fails at box office. Now, after standing out as an author and columnist, Twinkle has stepped into the business of film production with Akshay Kumar’s upcoming project, PadMan.