Rahul Gandhi Summons Bihar Legislators To Delhi Amid Cut Up Speak


Amid speculation of split within the Bihar Congress unit, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi summoned all MLAs and MLCs to the metropolis on Wed.Sources aforementioned Rahul can seek advice from all the legislators singly. The seriousness of the crisis is gauged from terrible fact|the actual fact} that senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad had arrived in Bihar solely on Tuesday and Rahul sought-after the meeting the very next day.

Congress sources aforementioned the state unit, crystal rectifier by former education minister Ashok Chaudhary, UN agency is taken into account on the point of Nitish Kumar, is deeply divided when the Bihar Chief Minister bust his alliance with the Congress and came to the NDA fold.

Many leaders square measure opposing the continued alliance with the Lalu Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata decalitre (RJD). Congress has 27 MLAs in Bihar and fourteen of them have reportedly signed a letter for forming a replacement cluster. however the breakaway faction would need the support of a minimum of eighteen MLAs to fulfill the condition set down in anti-defection law.Congress president Sonia Gandhi had met high leaders Ashok Chaudhary and Sadanand Singh many days agone to prevent any Gujarat like scenario from happening in Bihar. Chaudhary admitted when the meeting that few party leaders were spreading verbalize the split that he claimed wasn’t true.But sources aforementioned, few Muslim MLAs from Seemanchal region, when their come to Bihar, once more created contact with JD(U) leaders.

Lalu alleged that Nitish was attempting to engineer a split within the Congress. Nitish denied the charge however pink-slipped a salvo at the RJD chief voice communication, “Lalu terrorist group needs to stay a number of the Congress MLAs in his pocket.”

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