Karan Johar’s Remark On Mona Lisa Wedding She Says Her Wedding Isn’t ‘Fake’

Every time I hear something like this, it irks me. I feel sad. What happens in the future only time will tell, but had we want to separate paths, we’d have done that long ago. It’s just that we’ve officially gotten married now – sirf mangal sutra, sirf sindoor hi toh dala hai – otherwise we’ve always been and will always be together. I was deeply hurt when I heard Karan Johar’s remark. He spoke so nicely with me. Maybe he meant no harm and just said it in a funny way, but I don’t understand this much of comedy – it was on personal levels. I’m a very sensitive person and I’ve too many feelings. I haven’t seen the full clipping yet, but this is my life’s biggest moment and a comment on this definitely made me feel bad.