How to make sarees look stunning with stylish blouse styles

Saree has been and always shall be a must-have in every Indian lady’s wardrobe. It is that piece of apparel that has ample opportunities to take you places. We have seen our mothers and grandmothers drape this elegance and have also seen the silver screen & the fashion weeks blazing with the eternal saree. Besides the multiple ways that you can drape it in, a simple hack to make a saree look stunning is by pairing it with stylish blouses. The saree might not have seen an in tenses evolution as the blouse has. We’ve put together some easy and wearable blouse styles for you to up that saree drape the next time you don it.

1. Cape Blouse:

2. Peplum Blouse:

3. Crop Top as Blouse:

4. Button-down Blouse:

5. Mirror work:

On act english, it’s pretty easy each question is worth 1 point because a raw score of 75 equals a scaled score of 36