Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure


Beetroot Juice / Carrot Juice

Beetroot juice is an excellent remedy to keep blood pressure stable. Another easy way to treat low blood pressure is drinking a glass of carrot juice early in the morning, mixed with two tbsp honey on empty stomach.

Medicinal holy basil or tulsi leaves on a mortar with pestle

Holy Basil

Juice derived from holy basil leaves is highly beneficial for people suffering from low blood pressure because holy basil leaves contain vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and pantothenic acid. Take 10-15 leaves of holy basil, extract its juice, add a tsp of honey and drink every morning before eating anything. It will bring relief from all the symptoms of low blood pressure. Chewing 4-5 basil leaves on empty stomach daily may also help.


Lemon Juice

If dehydration has caused your blood pressure to fall, drinking lemon juice after adding ½ tsp sugar and salt may help to raise the blood pressure level. It will energized your body and also stimulate liver function and bring relief from associated symptoms.



Eating oatmeal for breakfast will also help to maintain blood pressure. Oatmeal is a great source of complex carbohydrates which provides healthy blood flow and energy to the body. Also add whole grains and lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet so that you can get proper nutrition. Poor nutrition is one of the leading causes of low blood pressure.Along with taking care of your diet, do mild exercises to promote blood flow. Also keep a track of your blood pressure regularly.



A cup of black coffee or caffeinated beverages like cola or hot chocolate can help to raise blood pressure level instantly. Drink a cup of coffee regularly in the morning till your blood pressure reaches the normal level.


Increase Salt Intake

Generally too much salt intake is not good for your health. But people suffering from low blood pressure can benefit from increasing their salt intake to some extent. Sodium in salt can raise the blood pressure. But overdoing it can have negative effects. Simply mixing ½ tsp salt in a glass of water is enough. Drink salt water two times a day to alleviate low blood pressure. Also, taking Epsom salt bath in hot water before going to bed can help.


Almond and Milk

Make a smooth paste of 6-7 almonds after soaking them overnight. Add this paste in a cup of milk and bring to a boil. Drink this milk every morning.

set of water pouring into glass on white background

Drink more Water

The most easy and effective remedy is to drink enough water. Dehydration not only drops the blood pressure but also the volume of blood. Increase your water intake, particularly when you are feeling giddy.

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