COD Options Temporarily Disable by E- Commerce Sites

Many of the E-commerce sites in  India temporarily disabled the Cash on Delivery option after the government  cease the circulation of currency notes Rs 500 and Rs 1,000  from Tuesday midnight. Flipkart has disabled its cash on delivery option for goods worth over Rs 2,000. Amazon has disabled the option at present for orders over Rs 1,000.

Amazon –  shows the message: “We have disabled COD for you to save cash for essential payments”. Flipkart –  shows a message  Cash on Delivery is not available –  This message was limit to price  above Rs. 2,000. Snapdeal  also does the same, but moreover, displays a message reminding people that 1000 Rs. and 500 Rs. notes will not be accepted for deliveries. Paytm- which didn’t seem to have consistent behaviour. Some items priced at over Rs. 2000 were available for CoD; others priced at under Rs. 500 did not have the option at all. Uber – allows for cash payments, but the app reminds users that drivers will not accept 1000 Rs. and 500 Rs. notes. Nearly half of all married women held jobs by the mid-1970s, and almost 9/10 of all more about the freelancer women with college degrees worked. Grofers -appear to be accepting cash, with no warning messages. The same appears to be true for Ola.
Zomato or Swiggy -for your snacking, you’ll need to use an electronic payment method, as CoD is being disabled, to “Avoid confusion”.