BJP Keen On Rising As Another To TRS In Telangana


The TRS could have extended support to NDA on problems like note ban, GST and election of the president and also the vp, however the BJP says it’d prefer to play the role of a good opposition and emerge as another to the ruling party.

The state unit of the party would hold its government meeting in Warangal from weekday to sketch its future course of action, Telangana BJP president K Laxman same.

“We welcome the choice of TRS supporting (NDA on) termination, GST, presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate and it’s nothing to try and do with politics,” Laxman told PTI here.
“As a organization, we tend to do our job. The folks of Telangana had high hopes from the TRS government.

But the govt. is unable to fulfill the guarantees created to the commoner,” he alleged.

“As AN opposition party, we tend to try to try and do our greatest to succeed in intent on the folks,” he said.

The BJP is keen on rising as another to the ruling party in Telangana as “people have lost religion in Congress” (the main opposition within the state) because of its “corruption and hereditary politics,” Laxman same.

“People square measure trying forward for ‘Modi type’ of performance in Telangana conjointly,” the BJP leader same.

“A clear, responsible government in Telangana conjointly that they witnessed not solely at urban center level. within the BJP-ruled states conjointly folks witnessed corruption-free governments and clear governments. folks need such style of governance in Telangana conjointly,” he said.

The BJP’s central leadership has known Telangana together of the states wherever it will well increase its strength.

The party chief, Amit Shah, had toured the state in could this year. he’s scheduled to go to the state once more in Sep.

Laxman same the state unit of the party would hold its government meeting for 2 days in Warangal from weekday to sketch its future course of action.

The state government meeting would be attended by Union ministers Hansraj Ahir, Bandaru Dattatreya, BJP general secretaries Ram Madhav and Muralidhar Rao, additionally to many alternative leaders.

Laxman has already declared AN action programme for ensuing few months to galvanise the party leaders and staff by holding government conferences of the party’s district and mandal level units, followed by agitations against the TRS government on totally different problems.

“We square measure in Warangal for 2 days for the state government meeting. we are going to sketch our future programmes. we are going to strengthen our organisation. we are going to take up agitation programmes on (the problems facing) farmers, pink-slipped youth,” he said.

Aiming to strengthen the party from the grassroot level, the BJP is deploying ‘full-timers’ in each Assembly body in Telangana.

So far, the full-timers are deputed in seventy four out of the 119 Assembly segments within the state.

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