Most Controversal TV reality show Bigg Boss 10 had declared their top 3 Finalists by performing one of the most difficult task. The housemates were divided in the two teams Manu’s Team and Rohan’s Team out of both Manu Punjabi’s team won the task and the credit goes to Manveer Gurjar for showing up his patience and performing task for four and half hours and won the task for their team.Although when Rohan Mehra’s team came to perform, they couldn’t hold it for longer except Monalisa Antra. Despite of her efforts, Rohan could not win.

After it was over, Bigg Boss congratulated Manveer, Manu and Lopamudra Raut for winning the task. Not just this, Bigg Boss also announced that Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut are the first 3 finalists of the Bigg Boss season 10.Well isn’t that a great thing! Manveer Gurjar was already in the Finale through ‘Ticket To Finale’. Now Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut are also in the finale. It is to be seen now who will be in top 4 among Bani J and Rohan Mehra.

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