Anupam Kher: Women superior to men

Anupam-Kher says

Actor Anupam Kher, whose latest Bollywood release ‘Naam Shabana’ features a woman as the lead, said he has always considered women senior to men. “I always feel that women are senior to men. Anybody who can give birth to life has to be senior,” Anupam Kher said.

“My mother is a good lady and there are strong women in the society. It is important in each country, including India, to give equal freedom to women. It should be a very natural process and we should not work hard, very hard for it. Being a known face, it is very important for me to talk about such issues,” he said.

Anupam spoke on the sidelines of a special screening of ‘Poorna’ – another movie highlighting the grit and determination of a girl.

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